Cale Rubenstein

Product Manager

We are excited to announce that SoundExchange reporting has received a facelift! In an effort to make the SoundExchange processing easier and more accurate for stations we are retiring the old Public Interactive interface and allowing stations to use Composer 2 to submit for SoundExchange reporting.

We’d like to share an update on NPR’s plans for the ongoing support of Core Publisher and for its eventual replacement.


Over the past few years, many digital news organizations have been observing increases in visitors coming to our sites via story pages, and only story pages. Some have debated the death of the homepage, amid strong engagement persisting for those that do land on the homepage first. Keeping this increasing trend towards Post Pages in mind (accounting for over 50% of visits), we’ve been working to improve the user experience of the Post Pages on Core Publisher and promoted sustained engagement.

Recent trends have decisively shown that more and more traffic comes in through the story page. We’re finding that your first interaction with a user is on your post page; it is important that to create an engaged audience, we must improve the user experience on the post pages.