Editorial Monthly Newsletter
12:16 pm
Thu October 11, 2012

Training Updates, Meet Todd Mundt and WUSF sees 500% Growth in Web Traffic

We're back with our third newsletter, and it's a charmer. Each month we will provide a 'best hits' of station spotlights from our blog, a quick look at trainings you can join this month and a behind-the-scenes look at the team.  (Last month's newsletter.) 

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Station Spotlight

Tampa Station's Convention Coverage Boosts Traffic 500%

The news team at WUSF developed more than 100 stories and videos for the site during the Republican National Convention. As a result, audiences soared to record levels on multiple platforms – story pages, audio streaming, and even their YouTube channel. WUSF’s News Director Scott Finn and the news team had a plan and as a result of their hard work sent new fans to their local online news coverage.

Read more about WUSF's coverage, and ask Finn questions about it during a webinar Oct. 18.   Register here.

The Team

Allow us a moment to introduce ourselves.

Meet the Editorial Director for NPR Digital Services, Todd Mundt

What’s your day like?                                                          The iPhone alarm rings at 6:35am. I’m not a live radio listener and I don’t follow the news, so I listen to audio I’ve chosen while getting ready for work. My walk to the office is 15 minutes, but I always stop at a coffee shop around the corner, and I read there for 60-90 minutes before work. After work, I walk home while listening to audio, and then I go to the gym, have dinner and usually take a long walk (all while listening to audio) and then I read for awhile before bed.

An observation: you listen to a lot of audio.                                                                                                                  I subscribe to 27 shows right now (that number rises and falls regularly as I try new ones). Some are public radio: Fresh Air, Tobolowsky Files, 99% Invisible, CBC Radio One’s The Current, Ideas and Under the Influence, Here’s the Thing. The others are technology related: The Talk Show with John Gruber, The Critical Path, Build and Analyze, Hypercritical, MacBreak Weekly, Systematic. And everything with Merlin Mann. I have a big music library, but mostly I use Spotify (I love indie music) and I supplement with Sirius/XM U, Groove Salad on SomaFM and the NPR Infinite Player.

What books are you reading right now?
Eden on the Charles: The Making of Boston and Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy.

Three favorite blogs?
Like most Google Reader users, I follow a huge number, but if I had to choose three:

GigaOm: I believe you’re only surprised by technology if you haven’t paid attention. Technological advances and trends actually play out over a long time scale and a blog like GigaOm is strong on analysis, insight and background information.

Nieman Lab: This is the “GigaOm of Journalism” so it’s a great resource for my job.

Daring Fireball: John Gruber is a gifted, thoughtful writer about Apple and technology. I trust his judgment and appreciate his commitment to excellence.

Three is not enough.

OK, two more?                                                                                                                                                            ParisLemon: MG Siegler is smart and perceptive about the things I care about.                                                    Eater Boston: I like to eat at great restaurants and I live in Boston. Therefore.

Do you miss not owning a car?
Are you kidding me?

What’s your dream job?
I love traveling, I love stations, I love audio and I love watching the sausage get made, so I would be traveling to stations six months out of the year. I’d go hang with Roman Mars, the SoundCloud people and the crazy smart types at PRX, too. Then I’d get back to the building for my six months of meetings.

Training Update

Knight Training September group
Knight Training September group

We conducted our second round of 11-Week Intensive Training in September with 10 stations for three days of sessions dedicated to crafting a digital news strategy.  There are only five more training sessions left – apply today!

We have 30 openings for stations interested in next year’s 11-Week Intensive Training. We’re taking applications through Oct. 31.

Sessions start: Jan. 9, March 20, and May 20.

Upcoming Webinars

Don’t have the time to travel or spend a week with us? Fear not, we bring training to the comfort of your desktop

October 11, 1-2pm ET - How to Live Blog the Election

October 18, 1-2pm ET - Cover the Election, Core Publisher Style 

Oct 24, 2-3pm ET – Elements of Photography & Visual Storytelling

Oct 31, 2-3pm ET – Finding and Acquiring Images

Nov 1, 2-3pm ET – Video: Simple, Smart Tactics

Nov 8, 1-2pm ET – Public Media Election Recap: Station Successes

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming webinars on our blog, and email us ideas for topics you would like to see covered.