• Manager, User Experience & Design
  • Sr. Web Developer
  • Station Support Manager
  • Software Engineer

    Andric currently works as the lead developer for Core Publisher, NPR Digtial Services' CMS. 

  • Senior Product Manager
  • Product Manager, NPR News App
  • Software Engineer

    Products: Composer 2, Core Publisher, Station Content Editor.

    Technical Expertise: Node JS, PHP, Express, Drupal, Mongo DB, MySQL DB, Backbone, React, Redux, Mocha, Jest, Swagger, Vagrant, Travis CI, New...

  • Product Manager
  • Senior Digital Analyst, Station Analytics

    Christina Macholan is the Senior Digital Analyst for Station Analytics at NPR. She works closely with stations to understand key digital trends across the public radio system. Prior to working at NPR, Christina worked as a data scientist at...

  • Station Support Manager
  • Senior Infrastructure Engineer
  • Senior Product Manager, APIs
  • Station Relations/Project Manager

    NPR Digital Services is one talented machine. I truly love coming to work and doing very cool stuff with very cool people. First, my day starts around the river. Come rain, shine, sleet, hail, nor'easter, blizzard - I run....

  • Director, Station Relations & Support

    Janeen is a hard working, dedicated, highly knowledgeable support professional with 10+ years of experience successfully working in various areas of the media industry including: radio programming & production, technical writing, technical...

  • SoundExchange/Project Manager

    Jeff Burke is a Product Manager on the Station Relations team at NPR Digital Services. He is currently working as the lead on the SoundExchange project and helping with support for Webcast metrics, NPR ONE, StationConnect, and...

  • Operations Manager

    As the Operations Manager for Digital Services, Jen is all-things finance, administration, HR, Facilities, and cat herding for Digital Services.  She ensures the lights stay on so the rest of the DS team can carry on merrily...

  • Product Owner, Membership Marketing and Pledge Products
  • Web Developer
  • Product Manager