Jackie McBride

Station Relations/Project Manager

NPR Digital Services is one talented machine. I truly love coming to work and doing very cool stuff with very cool people. First, my day starts around the river. Come rain, shine, sleet, hail, nor'easter, blizzard - I run. Tackled some marathons. How fun would it be to have the Morning Edition team join me for my next Boston? After all, they are my morning running partners…  I also have a fish. Zeus.


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Ways to Connect

WBUR, one of Boston’s two NPR stations, airs more than 25 hours of locally-produced programs and reaches approximately 500,000 listeners each week — in addition to running a significant digital operation. We were thrilled to send a team from Digital Services to visit their offices and see what they do.

In mid-February, Jackie McBride, Jenny Golden, Molly Holder, Robin Garner, and Simon Xia from Digital Services went to WBUR, where we met with people involved in content creation, software development, membership, and underwriting.