Janeen Williamson

Director, Station Relations & Support

Janeen is a hard working, dedicated, highly knowledgeable support professional with 10+ years of experience successfully working in various areas of the media industry including: radio programming & production, technical writing, technical support, project management, relationship building and customer service.

I enjoy that I can come to work at NPR DS each day anticipating the moments when: I'll hear a story that makes me rethink my entire approach to life; the smiles in the hall remind me that sometimes that's all it takes to make someone's day; or I hear the relief in a station's voice on the other end of the phone when I have been able to help them solve a problem.

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NPR One is available on new platforms

Mar 7, 2018

Every day, people are finding new ways to listen to public radio. We are excited to share that NPR One will soon be right at home with millions of your listeners on Comcast Xfinity X1.

For many, the living room is the hub of entertainment for themselves and others in their household. Soon Comcast Xfinity X1 will join the growing list of platforms, scroll down to see more, offering NPR One's unique blend of local-national content and branding. We will also be presented alongside other major media companies like Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, and iHeart Radio. 

We’d like to share an update on NPR’s plans for the ongoing support of Core Publisher and for its eventual replacement.


A key element of bringing the Digital Services team down to headquarters in DC is physical migration of our technical operations for our DC-based team to manage ongoing maintenance and improvements.

As we plan to move our data center, including servers that support Core Publisher, a DNS update is required for ongoing functionality. For those stations whose DNS is handled by NPR Digital Services, we will complete the update for you. For those stations that manage their own DNS, say through a domain registrar like GoDaddy, a settings update is necessary.

Digital services is always thinking of ways to better help Core Publisher stations engage and grow their audience.  We received feedback from stations that they would like posts to be more easily identified as being related to their program(s) to better highlight their local programming and engage more with their audience.

Our new post page program identifier will do just that! Now, when you visit a post page that is related to a program(s) you will see a blue button in the top right corner of the post.  If you click on it, it will bring you to the program page.

This Monday, as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off for the first presidential debate, the NPR Politics team with be right along with them, fact-checking the debate in real-time. And your station can feature this too, via an embedded widget that will automatically update the debate transcript along with live annotations from the NPR Politics Team. Get a peek at what this might look like below: 

We're excited to announce that new versions of the PMP Plugin for WordPress and Drupal have been released!

The PMP Plugins can be used to retrieve content from the PMP to add to your site, as well as to send your content to the PMP to share with other stations.

What's new in these versions?

Thank you for joining us yesterday for the NPR One - Improving the station experience webinar!

Asli Binal, Tamar Charney, Tejas Mistry, and Janeen Williamson discussed:


  • Simplifying NPR One Newscast Requirements - .WAV Now Accepted
  • NPR One Newscast Expiration Options - Now you can select your expiration 2, 4, 6 hour
  • Improvements to Station Branding within NPR One - Search by zip code, call letters, AND organization name 


In support of our recent announcement that effective September 30, 2016, NPR Digital Services is transitioning its streaming service from Limelight to Triton Digital, we have added a new player option for Core Publisher stations specifically for Triton Digital streams.  The Triton Player is now an option for your station to select in your Core Publisher Stream Management options.  

Triton Player Features include:

We’re happy to announce that new versions of the NPR Story API Plugin for WordPress and for Drupal have been released and are available for your use!

Why should I use the NPR Story API Plugin?

NPR Story API Plugin can be added to your WordPress or Drupal site with minimal technical expertise. This will allow you to easily:

NPR One Newscast Expiration Options

Podcasting is an important tool in the digital landscape for sharing your station content.  We’ve received great feedback from stations regarding podcasting capabilities in Core Publisher.  We’ve heard you and we have taken steps to improve the way Core Publisher manages podcasts!

We want to give a special thank you to our diligent podcast pilot group for helping us test these updates on their live Core Publisher sites: Vermont Public Radio, KUOW, KMUW, Michigan Radio, and Southern Carolina Public Radio.

Thank you to all of the stations that were able to join us for the Responsive theme update for Core Publisher webinar. 

In this webinar we discussed:

Core Publisher Update

Here's a quick update on the Core Publisher team's focus and information about a few changes we pushed this week in both the Responsive Design and in all Core Publisher themes.

Responsive Theme Updates:  

Come join us for the second all-station Twitter chat on Friday, October 24 from 3-4 p.m. ET!

#NPRChats is an informal way for NPR Digital Services to talk with and answer questions from our Member Stations about a different topic or theme each month.

What is NPR One?

Jul 7, 2014

NPR One: Public radio made personal.

NPR One is a new digital listening app that will blend NPR and Member Station news reporting into a rich, localized, on-demand experience.

It is primarily a local/national newsmagazine experience, but enabled with digital capabilities that customize to the user and enables features such as skipping.

We are excited to announce a new way for us - Digital Services and Stations - to share ideas; ask questions; and collaborate around tips and tricks on using existing features within Core Publisher.  We’re providing office hours with your friendly product owner, Erin Teare Martin, and the Station Relations team!

Thanks to your participation, our updated approach to Composer 2 Migration is in full swing.  We're excited to launch our first cycle live in Composer 2 next week!  With this cycle, we're also happy to announce the launch of several new features.

During this sprint we have made the following updates:
•    edit start time and added flexibility in playlist entry
•    multi day import functionality
•    export ability
•    create and manage host accounts

See additional details below.

Calling all Composer Pro Users! We are excited to improve your schedule and playlist experience by upgrading your station to Composer 2 now.