4 Steps to a more successful pledge drive

Jan 3, 2017

Before you get to work for your next pledge drive, make sure you're reviewing all the latest Marketing Forms updates for better reporting and measurement. 

Here's a peek into the features in Marketing Forms designed to help you make your next pledge drive your best yet:

  1. Stay in the know with real-time reporting: Our pledge reporting dashboards give you a better look at your donors. For your member comments dashboard this means more information on your donors, including their state and spouse, permission to announce their comments on air, and a complete picture of all pledges via .csv file. The Pledge Revenue Summary dashboard gives you real-time insight into how much money you are raising, down to the hour.
  2. Get an overall picture of your success: Our pledge challenge goals feature displays your progress towards your goal throughout the pledge drive. While this is not set-up for instantaneous update, it can be a highly effective tool to visually demonstrate impact to your donors, and to encourage them to guarantee your success.
  3. Customize your forms: Did you know you can customize your form fields? Submit a ticket to add or remove fields edit text on thank you or confirmation pages, and for all other questions on form functionality.
  4. Be aware of and minimize fraud. While Marketing Forms are regularly monitored to prevent fraud by bots, only your payment gateway can determine if submitted credit cards are fraudulent via their CVV and/or billing address. Review your protection options with your payment gateway, turn on CVV protection, and contact Digital Services to block the IP address of any payments that seem highly suspicious. Learn more about fraud, especially at non-profits.