Analytics Training: How to get more donor insights from Google Analytics with eCommerce tracking

Apr 21, 2017

What if you could find out more about how your members use your website? You could learn whether they prefer to read or stream audio content, how they get to your site and what programs they love. You could find out what emails they find most interesting and what types of gifts they want with their membership. If you are already tracking pledges using eCommerce tagging they you can learn how to use segments and standard Google analytics report. If you aren't tracking eCommerce yet, you can find tips and guidance on how to get started.

Watch a recording of the one hour training  or download the slides on to learn:

  • How to build and apply segments based on membership and donation to answer questions like "Does social media drive membership?"
  • How to compare donors to other types of users in order to understand how members interact differently with your site
  • How to make sure you are getting eCommerce data from Marketing Forms in your Google Analytics account
  • More tips, tricks and recommendations