Core Publisher - Feature Update: Program Page Identifier

Sep 27, 2016

Digital services is always thinking of ways to better help Core Publisher stations engage and grow their audience.  We received feedback from stations that they would like posts to be more easily identified as being related to their program(s) to better highlight their local programming and engage more with their audience.

Our new post page program identifier will do just that! Now, when you visit a post page that is related to a program(s) you will see a blue button in the top right corner of the post.  If you click on it, it will bring you to the program page.

Our thinking behind creating this feature:

  • Easy For Visitors - On post pages, we wanted to use the related program information to feature a link to the program (or programs) so that it's clear the post is connected to a program.
  • Easy for Stations - We decide this should be a simple visual treatment that doesn't require the station to change what they are already doing when creating posts. There isn't a logo or custom color, for example.
  • Responsive - We built this feature to work seamlessly at all break points and on all platforms. 
  • Add To Existing Design - We wanted to leave the existing related program links as they are at the bottom of the page for easy reference.


If you have questions about this feature, or need help with Core Publisher, contact our Station Relations team today.