Core Publisher How To: Using the Category Block

Nov 16, 2015

This block helps stations display local stories, NPR stories, or both, based on station-defined categories from inner aggregation pages of the site onto the homepage.  We've also built in a number of display options for this block so you can control how it appears on your site. These blocks replace the NPR News and category blocks from past themes, but are even more robust!

Step-by-step instructions, including detailed examples and helpful scenarios »

Quick Steps:

Step 1 - login to your site and navigate to Configure Corepublisher, select Block Factory.  Then click on the Add block link.

Step 2 - on the Choose Block Type page, select Category Block from the list.

Step 3 - on the Choose Treatment page, click on Mini River.

Step 4 - now that you've landed on the Choose Mini River Content page you can add desired content to your new Category Block and then click Save or Save & View.

Note: Review the detailed instructions in order to understand each option on this page.

After this step is complete, this block behaves like any other homepage block. You'll want to visit your Homepage Layout page and pull it into the region in which you'd like it to render!


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