Designing the future of support for public radio: How we’re elevating our support experience

Apr 17, 2018

As public radio colleagues, we’re used to making the most out of the resources we have. And as your dedicated NPR Digital support staff, you know that we care tremendously about solving your technical problems quickly with the best possible solution. It’s why we often are friends as well as colleagues with our station partners, and why we often respond to tickets in our pajamas, on our commutes, and over lunch.

But we’ve recognized an important need to improve our support experience so we can spend more time on the problems that need urgent and complicated technical fixes while getting you answers to common problems within minutes instead of waiting in a queue.

We want to share our thought process for the Support Center of today and tomorrow with you and look forward to hearing more about what information and assets would be most helpful to you and your teams.

How it helps stations: Getting the answers you need quicker

  1. Access and utilize the Knowledge Base with instant access to comprehensive answers to questions.
  2. Submit a ticket to receive support from a member of the support team.
  3. Make an account if you haven’t already!
  4. Track the progress of ongoing issues through case and ticket management.
  5. Follow up on any issues or fixes that the NPR Digital team might be working on.

How we’ll use it to deliver a better support experience

  1. Improve our internal reporting through the consistent ticketing system
  2. Better identify future issues and needs for development.
  3. Better aggregate current issues so that we can identify and prioritize problems and fixes.
  4. Communicate more timely through our Ticketing System because of the self-service nature of the Knowledge Base.
  5. Track issues more accurately and efficiently because tickets standardize issues and encapsulate all of the information needed for tracking as opposed a support call.

The exciting part is that this is just the beginning. We’re adding content all the time, and will be using the data you provide in tickets and feedback to improve our Knowledge Base. We look forward to seeing how you use the support ecosystem to grow your audience and public radio.