Designing for the moment: story curation in NPR One

Jan 18, 2017

This post is part of an ongoing series about new tools in NPR One. If you've missed any of our recent posts, catch-up on the latest updates: Making NPR One more localLaying the foundation: your Station Page in NPR One, Seeing and hearing your top podcasts more often.

Story expiration and featured story designation in Core Publisher

Stories that are less than twelve minutes long are dubbed segmented content in NPR One. If you’ve added these types of features and interviews, they are played in every average-length-session for a listener. As we work to give your station more control and ownership over your NPR One experience, we’re adding curation tools for these stories as well.

For users in Core Publisher, as you publish your story, you’ll be able to specify the exact expiration, down to the minute, as well designate your story as a featured story to be played ahead of others. As we test and learn from our Core Publisher audience, we look forward to being able to offer these tools for our entire digital network.

What designating a story as “featured” means:

  1. They will be the first local stories used when the algorithm calls for a local story. One potentially complicating factor: story length. We’re experimenting with how long a story can be without negatively affecting total listening time. 
  2. Determines which of your local stories will be displayed first on your Station Page, unless a user has already heard your featured story. 
  3. Allows you to control what local story appears in the “lapsed user” email, sent to your listeners who haven’t used the app in 30 days.

So how might you select your local featured stories?

Your prioritized news and stories on your Station Page in NPR One

Pick your most engaging pieces, ones that help your users understand something meaningful in the community or provide good context. For more on what local stories work well in NPR One, find our webinar and insights here. 

Once you’ve selected your pieces, make sure you set expiration dates so your stories remain timely, and be sure check how well your featured stories are performing as you continue to test and learn what works best for your station. 

A big thank you to KGOU, KRCC, WPR, WHYY, WNPR, WKMS, VPR, WABE, WLRN, and WCBE for joining our advisory group on story curation. 

Story curation, along with podcast curation and the Station Page will all be available starting January 24. For more information on best practices and how to use these features, join our webinar on January 30.