Establishing a Visual Voice: Hands on Photo Training at WLRN

Feb 15, 2013

Yorkshire Terrier, Junior, plays with his ball at David T. Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove, Miami, as dog walker Erlyn Martinez looks on.
Credit Sarah Gonzalez and Kenny Malone/WLRN

While I can preach the visual gospel over webinars and remote training, nothing compares to the real thing. I recently visited the team at WLRN in Miami, Fl., and want to share some of their great work.

In our first hour-long session we went back to the basics and discussed the fundamentals of visual storytelling. The following day I unleashed these intrepid reporters out into the wilds of Miami. Their assignment: find a visually compelling subject and make a good image.

Upon their return we looked at everyone's images and discussed what worked and what could have made better photos. This candid dialogue can go far in a newsroom where people are learning new skills.

It takes patience and commitment in establishing a visual voice. WLRN is on the right track. But you don't have to take my word for it – I'll let the images do the talking.

Editor's Note: All images were made using the iPhone's ProCamera App.