Establishing a Visual Voice: Hands-On Photo Training at WVXU

Mar 19, 2013

A day off from school means these young girls get to enjoy a special treat in an old fashioned ice cream shop at Cincinnati’s Museum Center.
Credit Tana Weingartner/WVXU

We had another photo training session, this time with the newsroom at member station WVXU. The images made by the newsroom staff (above) celebrate the people and architecture of Cincinnati.

After the training, reporter Howard Wilkinson put his new-found photography chops to practice. He did a story on two unusual political allies - Ken Blackwell and Jerry Springer

Wilkinson said in an email: "[I] shot like crazy with ProCamera [iPhone App] at an event the other night." The result was an image that accompanied his piece and ran on the homepage. 

And watch out Howard, Ann Thompson and Tana Weingartner are on your heels with this image of Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr and this slideshow of the Updated Zoo Reptile House!