Get more from Google Analytics by setting goals

Oct 9, 2017

This 5 week tune up will include quick things that you should do to get better data out of Google analytics. If you haven’t been following along, it isn’t too late to catch up by checking out the other posts. Here’s the latest:

Now is a great time to set some goals. Google analytics goals make reports easier to use by letting you evaluate any dimension by how effective it is in getting users to complete a goal. Instead of seeing that Search is driving more traffic you will be able to see that Search drives more traffic, but Direct drives more listening. This makes all of your reports more actionable by adding metrics that are specific to what you are trying to accomplish with your site - and it's completely flexible!

Take a moment to think about the most important actions on your site. What do you want a user to do? Where are you focusing your team's resources and attention? Why types of questions do you often have to answer? These are good places to start! You can create goals in Google Analytics to easily measure when users complete these tasks.

For member stations we encourage you to create 2 keys goals. A goal around stories or articles and another for audio play interactions. While story goals will probably match a URL pattern like "/news/" or "/post/", audio interactions will likely need to be based on an event action. Google supports both of these and a few other types of goals.

For step by step instructions on how to create goals in Google Analytics got to our support center.