Get more from Google Analytics by using in-page analytics

Oct 23, 2017

5 week tune up will include quick things that you should do to get better data out of Google Analytics. If haven’t been following along, it isn’t too late to catch by checking out the other posts. Here’s the latest:

Sometimes understanding how users are interacting with our sites requires us to know what exactly they are clicking on. Did they use the link in the header, or are they scrolling down the page? Is this button visible enough to get clicks, or are they clicking somewhere else. Sometimes these questions can be answered using the page paths reports, but sometime we want to take a look at the page itself. You can do this in Google Analytics using "In-Page-Analytics" by installing a chrome browser extension. (This report used to be accessible in Google Analytics but now requires the plug-in)

There is also a small customization in Google Analytics that allows the system to get more precise data about where the users clicked when there are multiple links to the same page. Like many of the features in GA, this requires a small update to the settings. Go to property setting in the admin section and click to enable "Use enhanced link attribution". For detailed instructions, visit Google Support.