How To: Add a Gateway/Streaming Pre-Roll

Jun 18, 2013

A streaming gateway/pre-roll is a great way to highlight your supporters and upcoming pledge drives. Before adding a gateway, please confirm that you have access to our Jukebox audio management tool at (swap out the xxxx for your station  call letters).

Note: If you do not have a Jukebox account, please submit a support request, or contact your Station Relations Manager for access. 

1) Upload the gateway file via FTP into JukeBox.

2)You will need an FTP program like Filezilla (you can download it for free at

  • host:
  • (same username and password you use to access the Admin Tools)

3) Log into Jukebox --

4) Click "Add Meta Data" add any relevant file info (title, like WXYZ Stream Intro). Make sure to save your changes.

5) Get the file link by selecting "Manage All Media" from the Jukebox tools index. Next to the file you have uploaded, select "file link". Submit a support ticket with that link. 

​We will update your streaming playlists with the new audio gateway, generally within 48 hours.