How To: Do's and Dont's for Your Encoder

Jun 18, 2013

Even though your encoder is running a version of Microsoft Windows, it is to be used solely for streaming purposes. To ensure that we are able to support your encoder and stream, it is important to follow the guidelines below when interacting with your encoder.


  • Reboot the encoder when necessary.
  • Browse the wen to make sure that the encoder has Internet access.
  • Install Windows updates.
  • Check to make sure that LogMeIn in active in the bottom right utility bar.


  • Install software like VNC or TeamViewer so that you can remotely access the encoder.


  • Install anti-virus software on the encoder.
  • Use the encoder to browse the Internet, check email, etc.
  • Use other programs on the encoder, like Microsoft Office, installed Games, Paint, etc.
  • Install other games or software.
  • Stream video.