How To: Merge Tags & Categories

May 3, 2013

You may need to merge terms for several reasons. 

When your archived content is first imported onto your site, you may have duplicate Categories on your site. On the other hand, once you have been publishing content on your Core Publisher site for awhile, you may want to merge Categories to better align with your digital strategy.

Because tags are not “smart”, in that they are not case sensitive or recognize when duplicates are created, it can be very easy to create multiple duplicates of Tags on your site. For example, when writing posts about the presidential elections, your news posts may use all of the following similar tags: Election, election, elections, Elections. Also, creating Topic pages can be very difficult when you have multiple similar tags.

Screenshot of the Tag Merge admin

To remove redundant Tag or Category entries and combine all posts with those term under one “master” term:

1.       Select the Manage Tags/Manage Categories option from your top admin tools menu.

2.      Click on the Merge tab.

3.      Select the two or more term that you want to merge and hit the Merge selected button.

4.      Select the tag that all terms will be merged into, or type a new term for all tags to be merged into.

5.      Hit Save.