How To Retrieve API Content in Core Pub

Dec 3, 2012


UPDATE: You can now easily browse and publish station content in Core Publisher. Please refer to this post for How Tos on browsing station content in Core Pub and finding other stations' orgids

1. Query the API

Paste this query into your browser:

You will see something like the xml pasted below.

2. Find the story

Search for the title (<title>) you are interested in retrieving. In this case we are looking for a story titled, “Bacon Shortage Is Hogwash.”
<title><![CDATA[Bacon Shortage Is Hogwash ]]></title>
3. Copy the storyid

Then look for the storyid (<story id="idishere">) associated with that story. In this example, the id is: 162342072
<story id="162342072">
<link type="html">;f=</link>
<title><![CDATA[Bacon Shortage Is Hogwash ]]></title>
<subtitle />
<shortTitle />
Rumors of a looming pork shortage have been greatly exaggerated. A British group caught the world's attention when it issued a news release predicting a bacon shortage. U.S.-based agriculture economists say while there won't be any bacon lines, get ready for higher pork prices.]]></teaser>
4. Retrieve the story on your site

Go to the “find NPR API content” (YOUR SITE URL/admin/content/npr/get) admin in your Core Publisher site.  Your site > Find Content > Get NPR Content > Find by URL or ID
Paste the storyid into the open field.


5. Choose when the publish date

Please note, you can choose for the publish date to be NOW or time of original publishing.

6. Publish!

After you choose a publish date, you will be able to see the story in the post form. There you can tag and categorize it as you choose as well as add related stories.