How To: Troubleshoot a Stream that is Down

Jun 18, 2013

A down stream is a very serious issue. Before submitting a support ticket to us, it is very important that you do some troubleshooting on your end. 

Once you see that your stream is down, instantly restart your encoder. Occasionally, this will restore the stream. However, if it does not, please take a look at this list of troubleshooting questions for next steps:

1) Is your encoder connected to the Internet?

To test if your encoder has an Internet connection, open up an Internet Explorer window on the encoder and try to navigate to a website, like If you are unable to access another webpage, there is likely something wrong with your network settings. 

2) Have there been any recent changes made to your network's firewalls, IP addresses or other settings?

Even if you are able to open a webpage in a browser on your encoder, please check with your in-house tech team to make sure that there are no firewalls or other settings that may be affecting your encoder's connectivity.

3) Are there are Windows Updates that need to be installed?

Make sure that all recent Windows Updates are installed. To see if you have any updates to install, go to Start --> All Programs --> Windows Updates on your encoder, and install any listed updates. Allow the computer to restart to complete the installation.

If you are unable to restore your stream after following these steps, please submit a support ticket so that we can investigate. Please make sure to include the following information in the ticket so that we can better assist you:

  • Details of the results of the above steps.
  • The approximate date and time that you realized that the stream was down.
  • Whether or not you are able to hear the stream.
  • Whether or not you see if you see a "Not Connected" or "Reconnecting" message in the Shoutcast Output tab/audio levels in the Input tab.

The left image shows the Output tab. Please let us know what you are seeing in the Status box. The right image shows the Input tab. Please let us know if you are seeing any Input Levels.