Introducing Core Publisher’s Persistent Player

Jul 30, 2015

We’re excited to announce the availability of the Persistent Player for Core Publisher (Responsive design sites only). The new Persistent Player provides a new audio experience that allows users to enjoy your streams, uninterrupted, as they navigate your site. It supports multiple streams, with associated stream and song information, in a simple treatment that is easy to use for any site visitor.

Here are the key features that set this player apart from past Core Publisher stream tools:

  • An uninterrupted listening experience for news and music as your users navigate your website and interact with your content
  • A fully responsive and consistent experience across all screens and devices
  • Stream and song information are pulled into the player from Composer 2
  • Simple controls to create a straightforward way for the audience to listen to your streams
  • Introduces new ways to support underwriting: a new banner placement within the expanded player and a new more flexible way to deliver pre-roll audio ads using DFP
  • Easy activation, deactivation, stream updating for stations to manage

Improving The Listening Experience

Your new player will provide an improved listening and content experience for users in a number of ways:

  • Users can always quickly and easily see their stream options at the top of your page.
  • A single action is needed by the user to start a stream - just click play.
  • No new browser windows or tabs are opened when playing streams.
  • Users can seamlessly interact with content on your site without interrupting their listening experience.
  • The last stream they listened to will be queued up for them next time they come back to your site - they just need to click play!

Improved Management Experience

Ensuring that set up and using of the player didn’t become cumbersome was top of mind as we built out the CP Admin player pages. To that end, we kept admin pages and fields to a minimum and created a single-click enabling/disabling checkbox.

Once checked, you’ll see your Stream Names, Stream IDs (UCS) and URLs for the MP3 streams (from your Manage Stream Queue) appear for your review. You can then edit or remove streams, or add new streams, then save.

If at any point to you decide you’d like to turn off the Persistent Player, just return to the Manage Player page and unclick the Enable Player checkbox. Additionally, if you had the Listen Live button enabled in your header before, it will return ready to use when you unclick the checkbox. Thats it!

Supporting Underwriting

Although our main focus in developing the player was a good user and Station experience, we did want to ensure that we built in features that support your underwriting efforts. To that end, we’ve integrated a banner unit in the player itself and a new pre-roll audio unit.

For Pre-roll, instead of bundling an audio into the playlist (.m3u file) you can deliver multiple pre-roll audio units. Additionally, you can sync these pre-roll units with the banner units within the player, creating more impactful message delivery. Both of these new units can be managed in your DFP account.

Supporting Member Stations

DS is very excited to bring the Persistent Player to Stations and their communities of members, listeners, and visitors. We’ve been hard at work building a player that meets the need of our Station community.

I’m very proud of this first version of the Persistent Player we’ve produced. Using both Station and user feedback, I believe we’ve built the features and capabilities that meet our collective core requirements. There are undoubtedly improvements to be made that will make the player even better. We’ll now monitor and measure adoption, performance, and feedback to help shape and prioritize what those improvements will be.

A Special Thanks to our Beta Partners

I want to once again thank our Persistent Player beta partners for enabling and testing the player on their live sites and muscling through some of the bugs, large and small. Your help was invaluable to us and really made a difference during development and testing. Please help me thank:

  • Iowa Public Radio
  • KHPR
  • KSMU
  • KUNM
  • KWGS
  • Michigan Radio
  • WAMC
  • WCQS
  • WNKU
  • WNPR
  • WVXU



Here is a set of detailed instructions to help you find the information required and perform the necessary steps for enabling the Persistent Player on your site:

How to Enable the Persistent Player (Instructional PDF)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope you enjoy the new Persistent Player!