Introducing the new NPR App!

Apr 2, 2018

Today marks the long-anticipated launch of the new NPR app (formerly the NPR News app) for iOS.

This release is the first significant overhaul of the app since it appeared in 2009. In the years since, the app’s audience has grown and grown (to well over 1 million monthly users on iOS alone), and it has consistently won high ratings in the App Store. While designed to meet the needs of that longtime loyal audience, this version reflects new best practices in design and user experience, while also offering more a deeply engaging experience that embraces the range of NPR’s and Member stations’ programming.

The launch caps an intense, 18-month collaborative effort among NPR’s Digital Media, News and Programming teams as well as an advisory group of leaders from 31 Member stations. A very special thank you to those colleagues, whose feedback and input was invaluable. In addition, decisions about changes to the app were informed by a group of 3400 beta users.

Why the name change?

The simpler name reflects the depth and breadth of content available in the app. While the NPR app continues to provide an up-to-date digest of the news of the hour, with headlines and breaking alerts, you’ll also find more content from the wider world of public radio: enterprise reporting, science, entertainment, music, storytelling and cultural programming, live streams from Member stations, and the most popular nationally and locally-produced podcasts.

What’s inside?

The NPR app contains many of the features users knew and loved from the former NPR News app, plus:

  • A redesigned reading experience to help users quickly catch up on the news
  • Streamlined, cleaner navigation throughout the app
  • Breaking news alerts, now with photos and images
  • Localization that lets users identify their primary station
  • More prominent station presence that includes station branding, streams and a direct link to the station’s donation page
  • Local newscasts from Member stations
  • Easier and more prominent access to NPR and Member station podcasts

How does today’s launch affect NPR One?

NPR One continues to be a strategic priority and serves national and local listening audiences on a growing number of connected devices -- smartphones, smart speakers and third-party platforms. NPR One complements the NPR app by emphasizing a personalized, on-demand listening experience designed to reach younger and more diverse audiences. You can expect to see both products continue to evolve in complementary ways.

What’s next?

Today’s launch is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the NPR app. Among other enhancements, over the next few months, we plan to integrate more locally produced content to the home screen as well as add registration, which (as with NPR One) will give stations more opportunities to build relationships with their local users. We also plan to start the process of rebuilding the Android version of the app.

To download the new NPR App, visit the App Store on your iPhone and search for “NPR.”

Questions? Please contact our support team for questions about the app and your Member station content.