Laying the Foundation: Your Station Page in NPR One

Jan 16, 2017

"As a smaller station, I appreciate prominent station branding so listeners can get to know us better” – Rachel Hubbard, KOSU

Your Station Page should do just that: allow listeners to get familiar with your station, or dive deeper into your brand and content.  

It starts with your logo, display name and tagline. As listeners scroll down the page, they can quickly access a your top content or live stream of your station on  

For those that are ready to connect further with your station, the center of the page is a link to your website. The action button, indicated here as the orange circle with a plus sign, takes users directly to donation pages and reminds them to save your station as their preferred in NPR One.

How your StationConnect entries will show up on your StationPage in NPR One

You may now be wondering how we will populate accurate and updated data. Our recent updates of StationConnect and migration to two newly-built APIs means that your updates in StationConnect will quickly and easily find their way into NPR One.

And we’ve designed this for the future, transitioning our podcast and streams to HTTPS so can worry less about Apple requirements and focus more on engaging listeners.

Thanks to KOSU, St. Louis Public Radio, WVPB, WBUR and WYSO for participating in our station interviews and guiding the development of the Station Page. 

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