Making NPR One more local

Jan 12, 2017

As we've discussed in this forum and at the Super-Regional meeting in November, a key aspiration of the NPR-Member station compact is to create a stronger digital network. This goal is built around the strategic imperative that NPR and stations can forge a more coherent audience experience, deepen engagement, gather richer data and drive revenue by working together to build, feed and promote a common set of digital platforms and services.  
The full flowering of the digital network will require time, effort and shared commitment. But over the last several months we've made good progress toward creating a more robust local-national experience. Our campaign last month to drive pledge messaging through NPR's promotional channels was one example of a network strategy. We’ll take the next step Jan. 24, when we add a new station-centered section to the NPR One app.
Taking its place alongside NPR One's personalized listening and "Explore" sections, the new Station Page is designed to give your brand, live stream, podcasts and other content a home. At the same time, we’ll be introducing new and better curation tools with which your editors can select your station’s most important podcasts and audio segments for use across the app.
Conceived and tested with the help of representatives from several stations, these improvements will take the app closer to realizing its potential as a next-generation listening experience that also supports the national-local balance so central to our collective value proposition. And as NPR One continues to expand its presence on voice-activated devices, wearables, dashboards and other emerging platforms, we want to ensure that Member stations and NPR live together on the cutting edge of innovation.
Over the next two weeks, members of NPR's digital teams will provide you and your teams more detailed information on these new features and tools through blog posts, emails and a webinar. We look forward to sharing those details -- and to watching NPR One drive more direct value to you and your audiences in the months ahead.
Thank you.