Marketing Forms: 2016 in Review and January Update

Jan 10, 2017

When we first announced the launch of Marketing Forms three years ago, we worked with our Member stations to identify two key areas for improving our customized software: donation recurring payment data and pledge drive reporting.

Now that stations have over a year’s worth of live experience working the product, it’s time to evaluate the progress we’ve made and what future development would be most effective.

2016 in Review:

Our first update of 2016 released important fixes to the Sage Auth-Only processing option, and improvements to the CSV export of all donations.

Spring and Summer was spent revamping our pledge reporting options based on station feedback, which included launching updates to two key dashboards in advance of Fall pledge drives:

  • Pledge Revenue Summary which now include 12-month projected totals for sustaining pledges
  • Member Comments report with option to download comments via CSV, and filter comments just to those stations that have opted to have their names read on the air.

Fall was a research period to give us time to evaluate the latest pledge reporting updates, and gather feedback on where any continued pain points lie. All stations were invited to complete a survey on how they were using the existing pledge reports. We conducted a call with a smaller advisory group to dive deeper into the questions raised on the survey.

Pledge Reporting Feedback

The survey results showed that while individual stations had requests for further customizations to the reports for specific situations, there were no clear trends for common requests across the system.

  • Most used reports – Donation Export, pledge dashboards (pledge revenue report, and member comments report)
  • Least used reports – Contact reports and premium reports (most stations use their member databases for these purposes)
  • Additional reporting features requested by one or more stations:
    • Ability to edit & save donor information before exporting to fix typos or other formatting issues.
    • Ability to tally pledge premiums
    • Ability to exclude payments on sustaining pledges that were instigated in the past.
    • Ability to add custom fields to existing reports.

Many thanks to stations who responded to our survey and, especially, KLCC, KUOW, KIOS, and WYSO who participated in our working group call in November. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us plan for future development cycles.

What’s Next? January Updates

January 2017 will bring another update to the Springboard platform, including the following improvements:

  1. Customize your ask amounts. Some stations were experiencing problems changing ask amounts which has been resolved in a new fix.
  2. Keep track of your updated donor data. CIM Management was inconsistently updating donors who changed addresses in between gifts. Now, an fix will prevent reverting to outdated addresses.
  3. View all payment failures with the click of a button. For stations using Authorize and Capture through and Sage, you will now be able to download a .CSV of the Payment Failures Report.
  4. Further form protection against bots. As we know, fraud is an everyday threat, especially for non-profits. A new feature will alert NPR Digital Services when a large number of fraudulent charges are submitted. We'll review the alerts and enable CAPTCHA fields on forms affected.

Please contact us with any questions.