Marketing Forms: Pledge Reporting Plans and Summer Releases

Jun 15, 2016

Below is an update on what's being worked on for the NPR DS Marketing Forms this summer. 

**Update** More information is available in the recording & slides from the Summer Updates Webinar held on 7/7/2016:


In this update:

Real-Time Pledge Dashboards Update

Thank you, to those of you who completed our pledge dashboard survey earlier this spring! We reviewed the survey results along with individual station feedback through calls and support tickets in order to prioritize some short-term improvements as well as review longer-term reporting needs.

Currently, we provide two pledge dashboard reports. The Member Comments dashboard is intended to be a list of comments from donors who have given permission for your station to announce their names on-air. The Pledge Revenue dashboard includes a day/hour view of paid revenue for both one-time and sustainer pledges.

Based on your feedback, we've identified the following short-term improvements to both dashboards in time for fall pledge drives:

  • Add STATE field to the Member Comments dashboard
  • Add SPOUSE fields to the Member Comments dashboard
  • Add ability to download Member Comments dashboard results
  • Add a filter to the Member Comments dashboard to see comments with or without permission to announce on-air
  • Update calculation on Pledge Revenue dashboard to include a 12 month projected total of sustainer payments
  • Confirm Member Comments report is limiting list to only those donors willing to have their name read on air.

In addition to our pledge dashboards, all stations can always download a CSV of their raw data collected by Marketing Forms in order to run more in-depth reports within their member database and/or CRM.

Based on your feedback, we've also learned that long term, a majority of stations would like more ability/options to create custom dashboards based off the fields most relevant to specific needs, including the option to incorporate custom fields into the available dashboards. We've had some initial technical discussions with our developers about this next opportunity. As we learn more, we'll solicit more feedback in conversations with stations this summer.

Increase Recurring Revenue with Sustainer Upsell

Credit Visual design: Adam Kiryk

For many stations, the ability to build a stable of recurring sustainer members is one of their most important membership revenue goals. The new Sustainer Upsell feature can help increase sustainer memberships without cannibalizing one-time gifts.

As we mentioned in May, when the Sustainer Upsell is enabled on a one-time donation form, all donors who submit a donation will see a window that suggests they add a monthly sustainer membership gift. The suggested monthly amount is set by the station based on the donor's selected donation amount.

Add a Pledge Drive Challenge to Your Forms

Have you ever used a challenge or goal to encourage donors to take action during a pledge drive? For instance, you may have broadcasted a challenge to donors (and sponsors) to contribute to a total dollar amount in order to lower a number of pledge days.

Coming Soon - Add a status bar to your form to track the progress of your pledge challenges

In Marketing Forms, a new Pledge Challenge feature will allow stations to add a specific goal to a form or group of forms that displays a real-time indicator of how a donor's contribution helps the station achieve a goal.

Later this summer, we will ask Marketing Forms stations to help us test this feature on an existing form. Later this fall, we'll work with stations to test how to share a Pledge Drive Challenge indicator on their Web sites.

Look for more information about testing the Pledge Challenge feature later this summer.

Updates, Maintenance and PMDMC!

Lastly, we'll be releasing our regular quarterly Springboard platform update to keep our application running smoothly at the end of this month.

It's going to be a very busy summer for the NPR DS Marketing Forms team, but we look forward to collaborating with our member stations to test, improve and develop new best practices and features to engage their donor community throughout the year.

P.S. - As proud Bostonians, we look forward to meeting our fellow public media membership and marketing colleagues in our hometown for this year's PMDMC. Drop us a line if you plan on attending this year's show in August. We'd love to say hello!