Marketing Forms Q1 Winter Release: March 2-3, 2016

Feb 19, 2016

**Update 2/29/16 - The deployment of the new code has been delayed until the week of 3/7/16. Sara Terpeny will be contacting stations to confirm the new deployment schedule**

Our first 2016 Marketing Forms update is ready for release to all sites on March 2-3rd. In order to deploy this update, all NPRDS Marketing Forms will require a maintenance window, in which your site can be unavailable for up to 30 minutes. In our last quarterly deployment, most sites were back live within 15 minutes.

I will contact your station this week to confirm your scheduled deployment time-frame and date in order to mitigate any disruption to your service.

2016 First Quarter Release Details

In addition to an update to the latest version of Springboard platform (4.9), we have made updates to the donation export file format in order to support stations who use Sage payment processing

1. Sage Auth-Only Payments Update

Stations who manage their own payment processing with Sage requested that we reduce payment pre-authorizations to $1 in order to prevent donors from carrying a large pending balance on their credit card until those stations can process the payment.

In addition, Memsys required that we add a new field (TRANS_REF) to their donation export file in order to accommodate the change to $1 Sage authorization for stations who use Memsys with Sage*.

*Memsys has alerted us that if your build number is prior to 4.2.1508.1701, you will need to contact Memsys to request an update.

2. Donation Export File CSV Improvement

In order to improve importing into donor databases, we have updated our donation export CSV file format to strip any remaining commas and other non-standard characters from any user-entered form fields.

3. Update to Springboard 4.9

Each quarter, we update Marketing Forms to the latest version of Springboard platform for any new security and maintenance updates.

We appreciate your patience as we deploy our first 2016 quarterly update to all sites. Please contact us, if you have any questions or concerns.

Quick Tips Prior to a Pledge Drive

If you have an upcoming pledge drive, here are a few tips to confirm that your Marketing Forms are ready to go prior to your drive:

At least one-week prior to your drive:

1. New Fields & Thank-You Text Updates

Check all live forms and submit a support ticket with any changes:

  • Do you need a new field added to your forms?
    • What is the title of the field
    • What response options should be provided (yes/no, select from a list, open text, etc.)
  • Which form(s) (internal name) should include this new field?
    • Do you want to change the copy on any thank-you emails and/or confirmation pages?

2. Test Form Changes

Once you’ve made any changes to your forms, run a test pledge payment and download your donation export file to test the import into your donor database.

3. Review Fraud Protection Services Provided by Your Payment Gateway

We monitor Marketing Forms regularly to prevent fraud caused by bots. However, only your payment gateway can determine if a credit card number is fraudulent by reviewing the submitted CVV and/or billing address (AVS). We recommend that you review with your payment gateway if they offer fraud protection services and turn on CVV verification at minimum.

To learn more about credit card fraud prevention and non-profit organizations, read this article from The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

NOTE: Please submit a support ticket, if you receive a payment that appears highly suspicious (for example, the name and address used are not usual for your area). We can block the IP address it was submitted from, and remove the pledge from appearing in your donation export report.