New Look for SoundExchange for Stations

Feb 23, 2018

If you are an NFCB or non-member station submitting for Soundexchange Quarter 1 2018 in April this pertains to you. If you are a member station that currently uses Composer 2, please do not continue reading.


We are excited to announce that SoundExchange reporting has received a facelift! In an effort to make the SoundExchange processing easier and more accurate for stations we are retiring the old Public Interactive interface and allowing stations to use Composer 2 to submit for SoundExchange reporting.

Composer 2 offers many improvements over the Public Interactive Composer tool for scheduling syndicated shows. Not only is the scheduling interface easier and more fluid, Composer 2 offers more security and stability throughout the SoundExchange reporting process. Moving stations from the Public Interactive’s Composer Basic to Composer 2 is the first step towards creating a seamless SoundExchange reporting process that guarantees compliance for all of the public radio ecosystem.


What is new?

You may have book marked in the past as the destination you visited to submit your SoundExchange logs.  If you visit that link starting today you will be redirected to a new Composer 2 login screen. 

If you do not have any new programs to add to your schedule, please visit this link:

Note: Replace stationID with your station call letters.

Please use your existing SoundExchange username and password to proceed to submit your logs as usual. Book mark this page for future reference. 

Note: If you ever need to add a new syndicated program you MUST visit the new login screen in Composer 2  

Do you have new programs to add to your schedule? Use Composer 2!

Use Composer 2 to enter your new program. After getting through the new login screen you'll find a calendar with your schedule. If you have recently added a new syndicated program, you can enter it on this screen. Please find instructions on how to edit your Composer 2 calendar in our support center.

After you add a new program to your schedule click the "Upload SoundExchange Logs for WXYZ" in the top right gray toolbar to submit your log files. 

Clicking "Upload SoundExchange Logs for WXYZ" will bring you to a familiar SX log in screen. Please use your existing SoundExchange username and password proceed to submit your logs as usual.

Throughout 2018 into 2020, we are committed to improving the system SoundExchange reporting system to make it easier to use, more accurate, and improve the public radio’s relationship with CPB and SoundExchange. This includes changing to our processing of CDN and playlist files, unifying the design, and automating more of the reporting process.