New SoundExchange Contact at DS

Jun 25, 2012

After three fun-filled years as the host of this great SoundExchange reporting party, I'm sad to say that I will be leaving NPR Digital Services at the end of this week. My last day here will be this Friday, June 29th.

(Un)fortunately, just because I'm leaving doesn't mean the SoundExchange party will end! Your reporting will continue to work just like it has been, at least through the end of 2015. The only difference will be you'll now have a different SoundExchange contact person here at Digital Services.

Allow to me introduce him - Dan Gurin. Dan's been at Digital Services for the last two years and before that spent time at several public radio stations. He's smart, he's helpful and he's an all around good guy. Some of you may already have worked with him on other DS products, such as Core Publisher. Dan will take excellent care of you.

You can reach Dan with SoundExchange questions or submissions by emailing him at DGurin [at] NPR [dot] org or give him a jingle at 617 622 5449.

Dan is ready to accept and review your Q2 SoundExchange data which - I'm sure you'll recall - is due to us by Friday, July 6th.

Getting the chance to work with so many fine stations and so many great people these past few years has truly been an honor. Thanks again and best of luck to you all...:}