The Next Station Story Editor

Apr 11, 2018

As the industry shifts from increased reliance on mobile technology, smart speakers, and the Internet of Things, creating robust, flexible content is more important than ever. Even in the realms of the web, the single biggest factor of your traffic is the amount of local, relevant content available on your site.

Throughout the years, the lack of evolution in the Core Publisher post creation tool has made it challenging to easily create and distribute content. While Core Publisher content management system allows stations to publish to the Story API and the PMP, editors face a myriad of difficulties such as managing layout, inefficient handling of embeds and visuals, and increased overhead for creating stories.

With the merger of Digital Services and Digital Media in 2017 and with our plans to slowly phase out Core Publisher over the next two years, there is an opportunity to evolve the publishing tools toward the current and future needs of member stations.

In 2018, our goal is to modify the existing NPR newsroom CMS, called Seamus, into a content management system that can serve both national and local audiences. With this new content management system, we are hoping to reduce the effort to create a story and improve the robustness of the story content.

The new Story Editor available in Core Publisher will replace the Post Page currently in use. These improvements will include:

Additional support for teasers, corrections, image crops, and other editorial-driven content:

Inclusion of more asset types, such as visuals, videos, and embeds.

We anticipate this new CMS will be available in 2018, and will be the first step we take towards the eventual replacement of Core Publisher. Unlike previous migrations from Core Publisher, all stories that has previously been created in Core Publisher will be available in the new content management system, with no need to migrate the content.

Our hope is that this future Story Editor allows stations the flexibility to create and distribute highly successful content to an array of digital platforms. Primarily, this content will serve to engage, increase, and inform your website audience, but as the digital landscape continues to progress, this will continue to include, NPR One, smart speakers, and other internet-connected devices.