Now Available: Offline Mode for NPR DS Marketing Forms

Aug 26, 2015

Offline forms allow staff members and volunteers to enter pledges with options that are not available to your web visitors, including:

  • Email addresses are not required
  • New “volunteer” admin role for offline staff to enter pledges with limited view of admin functionality
  • Rapid entry of new pledges by admins by bypassing confirmation page on each order
  • Email receipt sent to those donors who supply an email address to your offline staff
  • A "Market Source" field appears on offline forms where you can set "PHONE" as a source code for these transactions, or manually enter a source code for pledges submitted through the mail.  The field appears in your donation export report and in Google Analytics
  • The CVV field can be made optional

​Overview Presentation (added 9/10/2015):

Webinar slides (PDF)

If you would like us to activate Offline Forms on your account, we need you to do the following:

  1. Identify a form(s) to use for your for your offline pledge entry.  We recommend cloning your primary form and creating a new form dedicated to offline gifts. 
  2. Submit a ticket requesting that we activate the offline forms on your account.  Include the name(s) of the form(s) in your account that you will use for offline entry.  Let us know if you want us to change the default specific source code (e.g. “Phone” ) for your offline forms.
  3. NPR DS will confirm a time for your staff to attend an available training session to review using forms in the offline mode

New admin request: Volunteer

If you have volunteers or staff who don’t normally need full access to your DS Marketing Forms account who will be entering offline pledges, they will need a limited, “Volunteer” role DS Marketing Forms admin account:

NPR DS can create volunteer-level logins that provide access only to your offline forms.  Please submit a ticket to have additional logins created, including the email address(es) that should be connected to the accounts.

Tip:  If you need multiple logins for multiple volunteers, we recommend setting up a single volunteer email address on gmail such as  Gmail automatically creates aliases when you add a plus sign and any text after the primary username (For example: and would automatically forward to the main, address).  That way we can set up multiple logins connected to the same address that you can keep on hand as needed. 

DS Marketing Forms Help Articles

PCI Compliance – DS Marketing Forms have the same level of PCI Compliance reporting as Quick Pledge offered for hosted, ecommerce applications.  However, DS Marketing Forms has the additional PCI compliance requirement of an annual audit of our ecommerce platform, through a third party, qualified security analyst firm (QSA). We recommend sending our PCI Compliance Attestation of Compliance document to your internal PCI Compliance officer to review.  Download a copy of the QSA attestation of compliance.