NPR One: one more way to reach listeners during pledge drive

Sep 13, 2016

Pledge screen in NPR One

  As you gear up for your on-air membership drive, keep in mind that NPR One can help support your multi-platform messaging campaign. Many stations are reporting improved drive results when listeners encounter similar messaging across all a station's platforms. 

NPR One should be one of those platforms.

Just as you may support your on-air drive with web banners, follow-up emails, in-app messaging, and/or social media outreach, so can you coordinate your NPR One pledge spot to reflect your fund drive theme. However, make sure to tweak your key drive messaging to the younger, newer public radio audience that is using NPR One.

During pledge audio, NPR One listeners will be able to tap on their screen and go directly to the pledge page as you've designated in Station Connect. If you're looking to track donations direct from NPR One, you can use the same instructions for adding pledge audio and a pledge URL to NPR One, and input a dedicated pledge URL you only use for NPR One.

Be sure your pledge form is mobile-friendly, since NPR One donors will be coming from a mobile device. But keep in mind, tap through rates aren't everything. This messaging helps to educate new listeners about how public media is supported, and ideally lifts overall response rates as users encounter these messages over time in various places. 

What should an NPR One pledge message be?

We've learned that the more successful custom pledge messages in NPR One had three things in common

  1. Compelling, modern messaging
  2. Reminders of the value of what they hear on NPR One and what they get from giving
  3. A very clear call to action

In addition to pledge messaging, there are other tools you have for reaching your NPR One listeners. Be sure to download your monthly membership lead reports for current and fresh prospects to cultivate year-round. Learn more about membership leads and how to use them.

We hope you'll try including custom NPR One pledge messaging as a component of your multi-channel strategy for your next pledge drive. If you do upload custom messaging during a drive period, please let us know so that we can work with you to maximize the analytic data available on this new audience.