A Peek Inside Matt Thompson's Digital Life

Aug 8, 2012

Credit Doby Photography/NPR
As part of our new monthly newsletter, we'll talk with individuals involved in public media to see how they wade through all that the World Wide Web has to offer.  

This month we spoke with NPR's Manager of Digital Initiatives (and Mischief), Matt Thompson. We've linked to Thompson's work here on the Digital Services blog many times (here, here, and here are a few examples), but that's just a sampling. Don't miss insight and training from Thompson's work as Editorial Product Manager of Project Argo here. We particularly enjoy his "Dark Secrets of the Online Overlords" and how he "shows his work" on sites such as Poynter and Snarkmarket.

Now, lets get to the good stuff: read on to see who Thompson would pay to follow on Twitter, his guilty pleasures online and what he wishes people would ask on these types of lists.

Three daily must reads: NPR's a gimme, right? Otherwise - Twitter, Google Reader and MetaFilter 

Three people you follow regularly: Robin Sloan, Maria Popova, Megan Garber

Three places you go despite your better judgment: The Reddit front page, Memeorandum, Hacker News

Three accounts you'd pay to follow on Twitter: @brainpicker, @tcarmody, @moorehn

Three guilty pleasures online: Uncrate.com, Unrefinery.com, the Kindle store

Three must listen podcasts: NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, Slate's Culture Gabfest, 99% Invisible

First thing you check in the morning/Last thing you check at night: (Again, besides NPR :) ) NYTimes.com,  Reddit NoSleep 

Favorite news consumption time saver: Wikipedia  

Your go-to local news source(s): Everyblock, Borderstan.com (my neighborhood blog), DCist, WaPo 

 Your most used mobile reporting tool or app: Tweetcaster 

Something you wished people would ask you on these types of lists: "Name three of your seven Wonders of the Internet."

Ok, please name three of your seven Wonders of the Internet: WikipediaWeFeelFine.org, and Ask MetaFilter.

Words of wisdom/advice for stations as they go forward in their digital endeavors. Have fun with this stuff! These folks do

Follow Thompson on Twitter, check out his NPR bio page, and submit ideas of whose 'digital life' we should cover next via email or Twitter @nprdigitalsvcs.