Podcast management improvements now available in Core Publisher

Jul 12, 2016

Podcasting is an important tool in the digital landscape for sharing your station content.  We’ve received great feedback from stations regarding podcasting capabilities in Core Publisher.  We’ve heard you and we have taken steps to improve the way Core Publisher manages podcasts!

We want to give a special thank you to our diligent podcast pilot group for helping us test these updates on their live Core Publisher sites: Vermont Public Radio, KUOW, KMUW, Michigan Radio, and Southern Carolina Public Radio.

What has changed?

We wanted to start with the foundation and work our way up.  For several weeks we reviewed how podcasts are generated in Core Publisher and decided to build a new NPR Digital Services podcast generator instead of using the NPR Story API.  This helped us create the ability to include more customization in unique podcast management.  

Feature Updates Include:

  • Podcasts limitations - Podcasts are no longer built through the NPR Story API
  • Podcast Default Configuration - You can set default podcast image & meta data for all station podcasts
  • Unique Podcast Management Tab - You now have a separate tab for podcast management for each program, category, and topic
  • Reference URL - You now have the ability to add a reference URL (ie. Reference your program URL in the podcast XML)
  • Increase Feed Number - You now have the ability to have up to 20 posts visible in your podcast feed
  • MP4 inclusion - You can now have audio included if it is .mp3 and .mp4
  • iTunes Category - For better iTunes podcast acceptance we have added a drop down on the podcast tab where you can select your iTunes Category
  • Google Play Music Podcast - you can now publish your podcasts to Google Play music

For more details, please review the "Customizing Your Podcast" how-to documentation.

Live Demo

Join us for a live demo of these new podcast features as well as recent updates in our July 21st, 2016 Sprint Review. Register today!


Contact the Station Relations team through our support center.