Project 1: Find Your Sources on Twitter (General Assignment Reporters)

May 14, 2012

Welcome, general assignment reporters. This post will give an overview of the training and explain Project 1.

Our first project is to dig around the web and compile a Twitter list of at least 20 sources and influencers related to your local community. Then write down three relevant hashtags.

What do I mean by that?

Watch the video below where I explain all of that. The video also outlines our plans and goals for the general assignment reporter track.

When you finish the assignment

E-mail the following to myself and Ki by Thursday night.

  • The link to your Twitter list.
  • Three hashtags relevant to your local community.

What to expect from social media training AND Project 1 overview:

Other useful sources:

Finding Folks to Follow on Twitter (Argo)

A Guide To Audience Building and Engagement (State Impact)