PubMetrics: Is slow and steady growth enough for local station websites?

Jun 6, 2017

Twice a year we step back and look at the overall digital trends in public media. When we last looked at websites, in the fall of 2016, we saw that station sites were under performing the growth we saw in other local news sites. More recently we see that station sites are experiencing some growth while other local news sites decline, but none of them are seeing the tremendous growth experienced by 

 For stations, this is the second quarter of modest growth while is booming. National events may be drowning out local news and pulling our audience attention to other sources, there may also be an opportunity to attract audience through a local perspective on the national news. Other local news sites are declining; Are local NPR stations pulling audience from other local news or is this a trend that is also impacting member stations?  

Stations now get more traffic from search than from any other source, but social media is still a key source of traffic - especially for written content. The trends differ across device types, with mobile traffic growing while desktop/laptop sees small declines. Traffic drivers also perform differently across the different devices.

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