Revising annual fees for SoundExchange reporting services

Oct 1, 2014

Effective January 1, 2015 NPR Digital Services has revised the annual fees for Music reporting services.  NPR Digital Services is the sole reporting service for all radio stations choosing to have their digital performances of music covered by the CPB blanket music licenses. Billing for music reporting will be based on 4th Quarter reporting stations, and any stations that subsequently report.

Since 2009, NPR Digital Services (formerly Public Interactive) has served as the reporting agency for public broadcasters covered by the CPB-SoundExchange Webcasting Agreement.  Under the terms of the agreement, CPB pays digital music royalty fees, provided public radio stations covered under the agreement report their streaming music usage. In 2013, DS required standardized streaming log formats, and NPR Digital Services now provides the reporting to BMI for that CPB blanket music license as well.  

After 2011, when CPB funding no longer funded the reporting services, NPR Digital Services agreed to continue providing this important service by introducing a fee for processing the report.   For NPR Member stations, the fee for undertaking the report processing is included in the NPR Digital Services MSA.  For other qualifying stations, additional fees will apply according to the following schedule:

* Includes $25 NFCB administrative fee.

Thank you for your continued partnership. Please email your Member Partnership Colleague at with any additional questions.


Stephanie Miller,

Director Station Relations and Communications

NPR Digital Services