Seeing and hearing your top podcasts more often

Jan 17, 2017

“Differentiating between all our shows vs. true podcasts is very promising. We look forward to seeing how users react to determine how and how often we curate” 
– Emily Alfin Johnson, VPR 

Our goal with the explore tool and for NPR One more generally, is to encourage listeners to sample shows so that we can determine what they like, and deliver more often. These positive listening experiences lead to more frequent returns and longer sessions.

As we continue to develop NPR One, we want to make sure listeners are getting more opportunities to sample and explore their most important content.

How you designate your podcast as featured in StationConnect

The featured podcast designation informs the NPR One algorithm of your three highest priority podcasts. You can assign this designation in StationConnect, as you are adding or editing each podcast.

Featured podcasts in the explore tab in NPR One

Once you set your featured podcasts, they’ll show up in three ways:

  1. Displayed first on your Station Page
  2. Displayed first when local podcasts are featured in Explore
  3. More likely to appear in the listener’s customized flow

Each listener is still offered a tailored list of recommendations, in keeping with the personalized nature of NPR One, so you should not expect them to appear in the same position for every user. However, you are informing the algorithm what you’re most interested in your audience hearing, which will influence what is played for your users. 

Within the group of your featured podcasts, the one with the most recently published episode will be prioritized first.

As listeners begin to interact and sample all your featured podcasts, personalization will begin to have a stronger influence on what listeners hear and see. Listeners who become fans of your first crop of prioritized podcast will continue to hear them even if you experiment with new prioritized shows. 

Thanks to KBIA, KCUR, VPR, KPBS, St. Louis Public Radio, WDET, WESA, South Carolina Public Radio, Michigan Radio, and WUWM for participating in our advisory group on this feature, and providing helpful feedback.

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