Setting Up an Account & Accessing Your Case Dashboard in NPR's Help Center

Dec 17, 2015

As we mentioned in an earlier post, NPR Digital Services has upgraded our help center and ticket submission form to Salesforce's One of the features of the new platform is a customer dashboard to give station users access to all of their submitted tickets. To access the dashboard, users will have to create an account in our Support site.

To create a new account in our NPR DS Support site, go to and select the Login button at the top right in the header. Then, select the Create an Account option under the Login box.

Select the "Create an Account" option to create a new account in our support system.

Enter your email address in the Email field on the Create an Account page, and hit the Send Instructions button. You will be sent a link to a page to create a new user.

Note: please use your station email address for your account, and not your personal email address.


Enter your email address and click on the "Send Instructions" button to receive information on new account creation.


Once you have created your account, you will be able to quickly see a list of all of the tickets that you have submitted about DS products with an up-to-date status. 


Screenshot of example of the customer dashboard

We are so excited to see how this change will improve how we communicate with and support all of our stations! Please stay tuned for more updates on improvements to our support system in the new year.