Sharing Content with Other Member Stations

Jan 28, 2013

During the first Core Publisher sprint demo of 2013, many people showed interest in sharing their content (what we call round-tripped stories)  with other stations through Core Pub's new "Browse Station Content Tool." 

After thinking about the variety of ways we could distribute this list, we have decided to allow you to manage the list using our Q&A Café.

We have added a question to the Q&A site where people who are happy to share content can include their orgid, station call letters, and contact info. A few people have already added their info; please take a look and add yours info if you wish. Add your info here:

This is also a great opportunity to check out the Q&A Café, ask and answer questions, and really help rev up this collaborative space.  (Learn more about Q&A Café.)

Again, we were thrilled by your enthusiasm about sharing content and look forward to hearing how sharing is going for you.