SMC Sunset: Frequently Asked Questions

Jun 29, 2017

When do I need to be off my NPR DS Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account?

December 1st. All NPR SMC accounts will be closed after this date.

Will I continue to be billed by NPR for my account if I move earlier?

SMC usage is billed quarterly in arrears. Once you notify us that you are fully migrated, we will turn off your access to your NPR DS SMC account, and pro-rate your billing to stop that month. Please make sure to notify us before the end of the month that it is safe to deactivate your NPR SMC account to avoid being billed for time you were no longer using the service.

For example, if you notify us that it is safe to turn off your account by the end of October, you will only be billed for your October usage in your October - December invoice.

Can I move to my own Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account?

Yes! Salesforce is eager to work with stations wishing to move their own account to make the transition as smooth as possible. You will need to contract directly with Salesforce for the service, and do a one-time contract with a Salesforce implementer to help you get your new account configured to your needs. More information is available on

Do I have to move to my own Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account, or would you recommend other options?

There are many Email Service Providers in the world, each with their own strengths and weaknesses depending on how you use email, and your long-term strategy for using email in the future. As such, NPR is not recommending a one-size-fits-all replacement for the SMC service.

We recommend taking a look at which SMC features you use most, and evaluating your options accordingly.

Please contact us with any questions about the features you are currently using.

There were some special set-up steps NPRDigital had to take when we started with SFMC to import email lists from our membership database. Will most Email Service Providers (ESPs) work ok with us?

Some stations required some help making sure there were fields within their email list that mapped to fields that would exist in reports pulled from their member database. For stations that frequently pull reports out of their database to use as email lists, it’s important that you choose as email service provider that allows you to customize the fields used for storing email data and generating email list segments.

The advantage of using a service like SFMC with a custom integrator is that they will help you look at your data model, and help you set up your account configuration accordingly.

Other ESP have varying packages available. The cheapest options typically leave you to do the set-up on your own, while many providers offer more premium packages that will provide some initial setup assistance.

Please go over what we can take with us if we leave SFMC? Lists, archived emails, graphics, etc

All the content inside your SFMC is yours, and you are free to take any, and all of it with you. However, SFMC has limited options when it comes to exporting content:

Data Extensions: Data Exentsions can be exported individually. If most of your data extensions have been created by filtering your Master Data Extension, the Master Data Extension is the most important list to pull as it should have all of the relevant contact data.

More information:

Understanding Your Master Data Extension

Exporting Data Extensions

Emails/Email Templates:

There is not a way to export emails in bulk, or full email templates.

For templates – It will likely be easier to simply recreate templates for the emails you send within the interface of your new email solution as the SFMC template code may not work well in the new environment.

For emails – If you want to save the content of an email for future reference, you can send a proof of the email to a local email account where it can be stored. This can only be done one email at a time.

If there is a piece of text you frequently re-use, you can also go into an email containing the text and copy the text, or HTML for use in your new system. Use caution with this method – If you grab an HTML that includes links to images, those links will be broken within your new interface.

Images: There is no way to bulk export images from SFMC. You can download images one at a time as needed.

Email Reports: It is possible to bulk export basic email report data including information on the number of emails sent, and open, bounce & click rates.

More information on how to export email reports.

Unsubscribed Information: It is possible to pull a report to retrieve a list of every email in your account including their current status:

  • Held – Email has bounced too many times and SFMC will no longer send to it.
  • Unsubscribed – User has requested emails no longer be sent to them from your account.
  • Active – SFMC believes the email is good and will send to it.

More information on generating the unsubscribed report.
More information on Held & Unubscribed emails and overall email deliverability.