SMC Training: Email Reports

Feb 21, 2016

**Updated 2/16/2016**

Below is a recording of Salesforce Marketing Cloud training #3 on email reports:

Webinar Slides (PDF)

Stations currently migrating to Salesforce Marketing Cloud should be checking the following items before sending to subscribers for the first time:

1. Review WELCOME email. This email is automatically sent to subscribers when they sign up for emails via your profile page:

  1. Log into SMC, Click EMAIL, then click on EMAIL in the CONTENT menu
  2. Open the NPRDS Email Templates folder & click on the email named, “DS Welcome Message Jan2016”
  3. Edit the template directly – To add your banner or logo, click in the default banner area and select, “modify content” – You can use a logo or banner you’ve already uploaded to the system, or upload a new image directly.
  4. Click in the other content areas and select, “Modify Content” to modify any text. Remember that the empty content boxes in the template will NOT appear as empty space will the email sends. You can click on the “Send Preview” link at the top to send yourself a preview of what the final email will look like.

2. Let us know the name of the image file you want added as the logo or banner on your profile/email sign up page.

3. Let us know what Sender Profile(s) you need. This is the from name you want available with the reply-to email address you'd like it paired with.

Other Helpful Links:

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