SoundExchange on Social Media

May 23, 2012

Looking for something new to like on Facebook? Or for a new Twitter account to follow? Or how about a newYouTube channel to subscribe to? Well, then, how’s about hooking up with our friends at SoundExchange viasocial media?

That’s right, everybody’s favorite performing rights organization is very active in the social media world. Here are some of the ways that you can interact with them:

Like them on Facebook; too bad there isn’t an option to love them on FB (you know you want to).

I would encourage you to check them out on these sites; I find them all very informative and the SoundExchange staff is quite willing to interact, answer questions and generally be helpful, particularly on Twitter.

But if all this social media stuff ain’t your bag, you can always go old school and simply check out their web site and, specifically, their blog, for lots of information as well.