Tips and Tricks for Writing Support Tickets

Apr 17, 2018

Submitting a support ticket is the best way to get answers to your non-emergency product-related questions. Our Support Team will contact you within 24 hours with follow-up questions, updates and/or a solution for your question.

To help us to better help you, here are some tips for submitting complete and helpful support requests:

  • Fill in all fields when submitting a ticket. The most important fields on the form are required to ensure that we have the information that we need to better assist you.
  • Make sure that you are selecting the correct product on the support form. Selecting the correct product in the NPR Digital Services Product dropdown will get your support request in front of the correct support team member much quicker.
  • Be specific when describing an issue or bug. Describe what you and your team are experiencing in detail. If you have a question, be very specific about what you are asking about. Provide as much detail as possible so that we can address your ticket a lot quicker, or without needing a lot of follow-up information from you.
  • When possible, send links to pages/posts on your site where you are experiencing the issue that you are reporting. Include the full URL of the page where you are experiencing the issue that you are reporting. If you are attempting to replicate something that you’ve seen on another site, include the full URL of the page on that site.
  • Screenshots and video captures (using tools like Jing) are extremely helpful! If you are seeing an error message or some sort of layout issue, include a screenshot to help us to better understand what you are experiencing. Click on the blue Choose File button on the support form to upload screenshots.

Taking the time to provide our Support Team with as much information as possible when submitting a ticket helps to improve not only your experience but also our ability to help you and your station team!