Updates to NPR DS Marketing Forms and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, December 2015

Dec 17, 2015

Below is information on recent updates made to the NPR DS Marketing Forms and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud email marketing service.

Universal Analytics Update

On October 27th, we updated all sites to include a new tracking code within the Marketing Forms pages to support the NPRDS Station Analytics System’s move to Universal Analytics on December 1st.

Also included were fixes to address two defects:

  • Offline Forms no longer send the email address of the admin entering a pledge to Paypal Payflow Pro instead of the donor’s email address
  • Donors outside the U.S. and Canada no longer have an error when entering their postal code

Springboard Platform Update: 4.8.2

All sites were updated to Springboard 4.8.2 platform the week of November 16th.  This platform maintenance update improves Marketing Forms admin performance, as well as additional security updates for PCI compliance.

Code Updates Moved to Quarterly Schedule
In 2016, we are planning to shift our release schedule to push code updates to the NPR DS Marketing Forms on a quarterly basis. This move will allow us to align our custom code updates with the quarterly updates Jackson River makes to the underlying Springboard software.

The change will greatly reduce the amount of labor required to test updates on new and old code bases, and reduce the risk of introducing errors when updates are made live.  We also hope to make the releases more predictable to steer away from any potential maintenance down-time when stations are in active pledge drives.
Scheduled releases are for code enhancements, and new feature development.  Should something break within the system that prevents pledges from being submitted or payments from being processed, we will treat the issue as an emergency that needs to be resolved ASAP.   

Look for more updates on what we’re planning for each quarter’s release in future emails and blog posts.

Up Next: Improving Sage Auth-Only Processing
In January the Jackson River developers' top priority will be focusing on improving Sage Auth-Only processing for those stations using Memsys and Allegiance to process payments.

Jackson River will be working with Memsys and Allegiance to test a solution so stations and donors no longer see pre-authorized payments for the full pledge amount lingering in a pending state for seven days after pledges have been processed.

More information will be shared as we get closer to releasing an update.


Drag & Drop Segmentation

For those stations using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we released "Drag & Drop Segmentation" that is a richer WYSYWG interface for creating filters (segments) of your mailing list for sends.  This also fixes a defect preventing you from confirming the number of records in a particular segment/data filter before sending.   If you would like to learn more about how to create segments in SMC, read these instructions.

Additional Salesforce Marketing Cloud Updates:

  • We have a new, longer NPRDS Wireframe for stations who would like to add more content blocks to their newsletter design.  Contact us if you're interested in the longer form wireframe and we'll add it to your account.
  • We have enabled a longer time-out notification when working in SMC's admin for each station.

Please contact us if you have any questions.