Updating audio branding in NPR One: Station Hellos & Sonic Ids

Feb 9, 2017

As we work to enhance the local station presence on NPR One, we’re revisiting audio branding. In particular, how audio branding could be improved throughout the NPR One experience to help you introduce your station and your service to your listeners.

Station Hellos

The first change we’ve made is immediately evident upon launching NPR One. We’ve eliminated the national production sequence so that stations fully own the first hello to their listeners. The “Station Hello” you upload to StationConnect will be the first and only introductory audio listeners hear before the flow of news, stories, and podcasts starts. 

What should a Station Hello message be?

It is a short 3-10 second announcement with no music that introduces your station and NPR One. It can be single voice or multiple voice production.

Sample language

WXYZ is right here on NPR One.
I’m ... and this is WXYZ on NPR One
WXYZ bringing you news from (location) and around the world on NPR One

Two Tips for great Station Hellos:

  1. Use local voices: Introduce your stations voices to develop relationships with new listeners to your station on NPR One.
  2. Keep it short and sweet: We’ve seen skipping on longer introductions, including for our initial national production sequence. Get to your most valuable content quickly to keep your listeners with your station longer.

We’re also working on a feature to allow for multiple variants on your station hellos to be released in the near future, and will let you know when this is available. 

Sonic IDs

When we developed Sonic IDs, we envisioned them as an opportunity to reconnect the listener with their local station by relaying a distinct sense of place within the NPR One player. 

In terms of listening metrics and user feedback, we haven’t seen the success we’d like for Sonic IDs in our listening flow. As a result, we’ll be revisiting how to improve these for stations in the near future. Right now, we’re putting together a working group to discuss and plan for the types of brief audio messages that stations would want to share with their listeners on NPR One. 

What’s happening now: We’re removing the ability to upload new Sonic IDs in StationConnect while we explore how best to develop this feature for bigger impact. If you’ve already uploaded a Sonic ID, it will not be deleted. Those Sonic IDs will continue to be played for listeners when called for in the listening flow. If you have questions about your Sonic IDs, please contact Digital Services support.