Use Google Analytics to add and enable e-commerce for better pledge tracking

Oct 2, 2017

This 5 week tune up will include quick things that you should do to get better data out of Google analytics. If you haven’t been following along, it isn’t too late to catch up by checking out the other posts. Here’s the latest:

For most stations this might be a quick one. Many of you are missing a single step that will get you better data about your membership and pledge programs. Setting up e-commerce actually requires some coding or configuration by your pledge form provider depending on who that is you may need to work with them to set that up. Watch the webinar for more detail.

If you are using marketing forms this information is already being sent to your Google Analytics account. This sounds great, but in order for this information to be processed and appear you need to go to you settings and turn on this feature, otherwise Google Analytics discards this data and it is lost forever. Follow these simple steps.

Once this feature is enabled you will see ecommerce data added to many of your standard reports, allowing you to easily see how different dimensions affect a user's chance of donating.  When you understand how device usage, campaigns and location are factoring into a user's behavior you can use this information to customize your site or campaign to better meet your user's needs and goals.