Using the New Digital Services Support Form

Dec 17, 2015

As we mentioned in an earlier post, NPR Digital Services has upgraded our help center and ticket submission form to Salesforce's Station users can visit our new support center at to access our knowledge base FAQs, and to submit a ticket to our support team.

Browsing the FAQ
Screenshot of our Support Center landing page.

The landing page of our Support Center contains links to FAQs for our most used products. Clicking on the titles of the articles will take you to a list questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions. Clicking on the View All button will take you to a list of all help articles for each product.

You can also search the knowledge base in the search field directly under the header.

Creating a Support Ticket
Screenshot of the new support form

To submit a new ticket, or "case" as they are referring to in Desk, select the Submit a Ticket link to the far right. Make sure to fill out the name, email address and other contact information fields so that we can get back to you with any questions or updates. In the Station name field, enter your station call letters and select your station from the auto-complete dropdown.

Under NPR DS product, select the product that is most closely related to the issue that you are reporting. This will determine which support team member sees your ticket first.

In the Description field, provide information about the issue that you are reporting. Make sure to provide specifics about what you are experiencing, and links to the page(s) that you are referring to (if applicable). You can also attach screenshots using the Choose File button under the Description field. When you start to type your question into the field, potentially related knowledge base articles will display in the Do These Help? section to the right of the form. We suggest taking a look at any articles pertaining to your question, to see if we have already written an answer to your question!

Lastly, make sure to enter the CAPTCHA code before clicking on the Submit Ticket button to send your ticket to our support team.

To see the status of your new ticket, and another other tickets, you can log in to the customer dashboard by clicking on the Login button in the header of any page in the support center.