We want your feedback on the NPR Digital Services support experience

Apr 17, 2018

The NPR Digital Services Support Center was created with stations in mind to provide a high-level experience for station users. From help articles to a newly organized back end to help our Support Managers access your tickets more efficiently, the goal of the Support Center is to provide you with the answers that you need.

To ensure that we are able to deliver the highest quality support experience, we need your feedback. There are two ways that you can provide feedback directly:

  1. Rate your level of satisfaction with our support team and our response to your support ticket. When your support ticket is resolved, you will receive a final confirmation email. At the bottom of that email, click on the smiley face icon that best represents how satisfied you are with the response that you received. 
  2. Let us know if our help articles are helpful. At the bottom of every article in our support knowledge base, there is one question: Did you find this article helpful? Select either Yes or No to let us know if there is something that we can improve about our documentation.     

We’ll use this feedback to help improve our support experience from the moment you interact with us to the moment your problem is resolved. It will directly inform our priorities and the development of our future support assets to get you the help you need quickly and comprehensively. So, for your benefit and the benefit of your public radio colleagues, we encourage you to tell us what went well and what needs improvement in every support interaction.