What content is available in the PMP?

Apr 29, 2015

Content from all five founding partners forms the core of what’s available in the PMP (Public Media Platform), with new sources being added regularly. There are stories, videos, images, and audio from more than 30 programs in the PMP, including Morning EditionFRONTLINE, and Studio 360. In addition, new content is constantly being added by program producers and stations—anyone who can receive content from the PMP can also distribute theirs through it. The producer manages their own content, making it available to anyone or to specific PMP users.

Please note: Rights to content in the PMP are set by the content producers. Often, this is based on existing licensing agreements. If you have questions about rights to programs or content, please contact the producing organization directly.


APM began piloting with Marketplace content in the PMP and has since expanded to the following:

  • American RadioWorks documentaries
  • The Dinner Party Download
  • Marketplace
  • MPR News stories
  • The Splendid Table

Stories, images and audio are pushed when available and can be pulled by any stations on APM’s radio carriage lists. Check out all APM stories available in the PMP.


NPR has been pushing story content to the PMP since May 2014, with more than 2,600 stories published each month. Story text, audio and photos are available to all NPR member stations via the PMP API in near-real time for programs ranging from All Things Considered and Morning Edition to Here & Now and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! as well as digital-only blog posts. Note: NPR currently does not publish the program source with stories; all individual stories fall under “NPR Digital Media.”  Check out all NPR stories available in the PMP.


NB: PBS has not published content into PMP since late 2015. 

PBS has pushed thousands of pieces of video content from COVE. It includes the following:


PRI has a number of programs available in the PMP including:

  • America Abroad
  • Living on Earth
  • PRI’s The World
  • Science Friday
  • Studio 360
  • The Takeaway
  • To the Best of Our Knowledge

At a minimum, stories for all programs contain brief descriptions and audio. For some programs, full text articles, audio and images are provided. Content is pushed daily and any station that broadcasts a particular program will have access to their web assets. Check out all of PRI's stories in the PMP.


PRX is making content available in waves. The first set—available now—are their major series:

  • The Moth
  • Sound Opinions
  • American Routes
  • State of the Re:Union
  • Studs Terkel in Conversation with American Poets
  • Reveal

The next wave will be podcasts in the Radiotopia network, including 99% InvisibleThe TruthLove + RadioRadio DiariesStrangersHumankindTheory of Everything, and Fugitive Waves, produced by the Kitchen Sisters. Additionally, independent producers using PRX will soon have the ability to “opt in” to the PMP via PRX’s site, making their work more widely available than before. Complete audio and metadata is available (series, who is producing it, description, tags, titles). PRX content is available to all users of the PMP. Check out PRX's stories available in the PMP.